Applications for Q2 2019 Maker Mastermind™ Circles Business Incubator are Open!

I'm pleased to share that applications for Q2 Maker Mastermind Circles Business Incubator are officially open. Spaces are limited, and there is an application deadline.

Why Maker Mastermind™ Circles Business Incubator?

I won’t repeat the details on the information and application page, but I would like to strongly encourage you to check it out today.

  • If you want to eliminate distractions and focus on the activities that support your bottom line …
  • If you want to push past a barrier that has kept you from achieving that one big goal …
  • If you want to avoid the bright, shiny objects that threaten to derail you daily …
  • If you are tired of being stuck, and are ready to do work that creates more sales opportunities …

Then the Maker Mastermind™ Circles Business Incubator is for you.

There has never been a better time to take control of your future. Now is the time to stop focusing on everything and start focusing on what really matters.


Are ready to completely slay your goals now, with the personalized guidance of an experienced entrepreneurial mentor and the support of a loving community? Of course you are!! Who isn't?! Be sure to check out the details, and, if you get a chance, please do share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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