Running Journal: Day 57

I didn't run yesterday, hence the low numbers on my pedometer when I went to bed last night. (See photo below.) I took a break, relaxed and wrote in my gratitude journal how thankful I am for my time at the Soap Guild conference. I made and reinforced so many personal and professional relationships while there. This morning's run was a great way to top it all off!

I cannot think of a better way to start the day, and I'm excited that my pedometer reading tonight will be much better than it was last night. After this morning's run, it already reads 6,644 and it's just 9:30! That just feels good!! Here are this morning's stats:

  1. Weather. 68°F and very muggy; a big change from the freezing temperatures in Denver.
  2. Location. Siskey YMCA outdoor track
  3. Distance. 2.13 miles
  4. Calories. 180
  5. Start Time. 7:42am
  6. Run Time. 35.38 minutes
  7. Average Pace. 16:44 minutes per mile; that feels a little slow. Blame it on the chocolate mousse cake with small ice cream scoop I ate on Sunday night — the only dessert I allowed myself during the entire conference. (Applause please …) (I want to add that the Soap Guild made it easy with healthy snacks available throughout the entire conference — fresh fruit, granola bars, yogurt, etc., made it easy to resist the sweets.)
  8. Playlist. NPR's morning edition on WFAE.
  9. Condition. Crazy awesome. I was screaming in my car after my run this morning!

Question: Do you find it hard to resist the decadent desserts they serve at business conferences?

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