Small Business Owner Wins $100,000, No Strings Attached!

Today, I interviewed Paula Davis, the Texas-based owner of Canyon Creek Soap Company. It was a quick interview, conducted and loaded to this blog, my FaceBook Page, and YouTube in 15 minutes flat during my media training presentation at the Soap Guild conference. Paula shared how she won $100,000 in a business plan competition sponsored by the Amarillo Economic Development Corp.

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This segment of Indie Business TV is abbreviated and a bit different from my usual Indie Business TV shows because it was recorded live, on stage at my social media presentation at the Soap Guild conference. The purpose was to show everyone in attendance (300+ people!) how fast and easy it is to add video to your blog. As I stated in my presentation, the importance of adding this component cannot be understated. I was pleased to talk with dozens of people afterward who purchased video cameras during my presentation so they could put my advice to work immediately!

Question: Have you ever considered entering a business plan contest to win a grant for your small business? Share your experiences below.

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