Soap and Business, The Indie Beauty Way!

Longtime Indie Beauty Member Struts Her Stuff

I am always so pleased with the success of Indie Beauty Network members. Of course "success" is different for all 650+ of our members, but there's no denying that video makes it easy to share what my members are doing. Today, I'm pleased to present this clip where member Anne-Marie Faiola of Brambleberry in Bellingham, Washington, shows a local television reporter how to make champagne fragranced, star-shaped melt and pour soap.


Notice how comfortable Anne-Marie is in front of the camera. Doesn't she make you just want to whip out your mixing bowls?!! And did you note that she's barely 30 years old? Anne-Marie is proof positive that you can enjoy your passion and make a comfortable living at the same time.

Indie Through The Years

How does she do it? According to Anne-Marie, she's doing it with lots of help from a dedicated staff. And from a comment left here at the Indie Business Blog, she also implemented the wise use of credit card debt to loan herself the money needed to expand her dream. You can read a bit about that here.

I have watched Anne-Marie expand her dream over the years. She first joined IBN in back in June 2001 and she's been a loyal and contributing member ever since. Over the years, I've written a few featured on her in my weekly newsletter. Reading these in order gives you a unique perspective on how a business starts, grows and expands. Check them out at these links:

Passion, Power and Progress, February 2006
Indie Candy Spotlight, December 2007

If you are in search of your next hobby or a fun activity to do with the kids, or if you want to start a business like Anne-Marie, you can find all the resources you need here at Indie:

For recipes: Make Your
For supplies: Mango
For insurance and business tips: Indie
For discussion and networking: Indie Business
For advice: Indie Business

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