Soar: Build Your Vision From The Ground Up

Recently, the pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick, interviewed Bishop TD Jakes, pastor of The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas, during a special church service. The interview touched upon many critical areas of entrepreneurship, and I wanted to share it with you. I know you may not have time to watch the entire interview, so I summarized some of the key points for you below.

Depending on your spiritual proclivities, you may have to rise above any disagreement you have with spiritual references in this interview. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you embrace the entrepreneurial principles discussed in this video, you and your business will benefit greatly.

Key Points

  1. Be a slasher.

    Gone are the days when it was possible or desirable to have one profession or vocation for your entire life. Today, it is both prudent and preferred to use your talents in multiple ways, and to reinvent yourself multiple times throughout your life.

    At the end of your life, it is desirable to be introduced not just as “Suzie Jones, author,” but as “Suzie Jones, author, slash attorney, slash blogger, slash teacher, slash dressmaker, slash painter, slash entrepreneur,” and so forth.

    Key quote:

    Be who you are, not what they call you. (via @bishopjakes @TPHDallas)Click To Tweet

    Bishop TD Jakes, The Potter's House

  2. Be fruitful.

    Invent something. Make something. Create something valuable. Pay attention to what you're good at. Ask others to tell you what you're good at. Combine your natural talents and gifts with your educational and work experiences to produce something beneficial for the world.

    Key quote:

    You can only be fruitful if you are seedful. (via @bishopjakes @TPHDallas)Click To Tweet

    Bishop TD Jakes, The Potter's House

  3. On money.

    There is great power in lack of funds. View it not as a stumbling block, but as a catalyst. Don't decide you cannot accomplish something because you don't have the money. Decide you will accomplish something, knowing that you will attract the money needed to achieve your goal.

    Key quote:

    If you see money as an issue, it will be a stop sign. (via @bishopjakes @TPHDallas)Click To Tweet

    Bishop TD Jakes, The Potter's House

  4. Always give your best.

    Even if your audience is small, perform like you are in the presence of a hall filled with royalty.

    Key quote:

    Until you dignify the 40, you won't get the 40,000. (via @bishopjakes @TPHDallas)Click To Tweet

    Bishop TD Jakes, The Potter's House

  5. Honor your relationships.

    Everything that's going to ever come to you is going to come to you through another human being. That's why you must be careful how you treat others. It's not guaranteed that your opportunity will come from somebody who you like, or your friend, and they won't necessarily be your color, and they might not have your theology. But God may use them to bless you.

    Key quote:

    Relationships are your greatest resource. (via @bishopjakes @TPHDallas)Click To Tweet

    Bishop TD Jakes, The Potter's House

  6. Be strategic.

    Don't travel your life with things that you do not need. Set your sites on where you want to go, and then eliminate things that are not useful to help get you there. Don't drag along things that have no purpose.

    Key quote:

    Tailor your life down to the things that'll get you where you want to go. (via @bishopjakes)Click To Tweet

    Bishop TD Jakes, The Potter's House

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