Handmade Beauty Products from Songcroft Naturals in Monroe, Washington

Last month, some of our members were kind enough to send us some of their awesome handmade beauty products as a holiday “thank you” for how we serve them throughout the year. One of the products we received is a wonderful facial cream from our member, Marilene Richardson, at Songcroft Naturals in Monroe, Washington. I'll get to that in a minute, but first, this peppermint gift from Songcroft arrived courtesy of our amazing assistant, Jennifer Smith at Eco Office Gals. My daughter confiscated the bath salts and my other assistant ran off with the foot lotion. I don't blame them. They were unashamed, but at least they left me with the lotion bar, which is great.


And now for the facial cream … Frankincense and Rose Collagen Cream. Yum.


According to the website's product description, it's Songcroft's best selling product … and I see why. Ingredients include skin loving treats like apricot oil, rose hydrosol, rose hip oil and some really delicious essential oils: frankincense, rose geranium and ylang ylang — all my favorites! The sample was not enough, so I'll be heading over the get a jar soon.

One more thing — you know how I love to see our members getting together in person. Marilene and Jennifer Waller, a member in North Carolina, managed to get together while Jennifer was in Vancouver (which is not far from Marilene in Monroe, Washington) earlier this month for a photo shoot. Here are their smiles and happiness, with Jennifer on the left.


It's so exciting to see our members take our virtual events and gatherings to a new level by seeking each other out in person as their schedules permit. I wish I could show up and meet every single one of them in every single city!

Here is a little of what Marilene said about her time with Jennifer:

My main goal was to meet this wonderfully inspirational woman in person. Vancouver is only a couple hours away from me so I booked a room and headed North. Meeting her was great. We had a nice lunch and chatted about products and some of the other things Makers tend to talk about.

Some people might think. “You both have similar product lines, aren’t you competitors? Why would you want to be friends with your competitor?” Jennifer and I agreed, neither of us wants to operate in the world with that mindset, and working together and supporting each other is the way to go.

I totally agree. We can accmplish so much more together, and have more FUN, when we connect and learn and grow together.

Check out Handmade Beauty Products from Songcroft Naturals

You can learn more about Songcorft Naturals at their website, and on Facebook and Twitter. You can enjoy a full feature on Jennifer Waller of Celtic Complexion here, and see the special holiday surprises Jennifer sent us here.

Be sure to check out Jennifer Smith at Eco Office Gals. Jennifer does most of our web and graphics design. She's a WordPress whiz! Connect with her website and on Facebook and Twitter.

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Question: What do you think of Marilene's approach to meeting up with “competitors?” When you do this (and I hope you have), do you find that any concerns about “competition” fade in comparison to the fun you have when you enjoy the company of a like-minded entrepreneur?

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