Starting 2011: My Core Values

Happy New Year! I have many things to be thankful for and look forward to. I'm planning to spend the day doing whatever comes to mind (and Family Business Focus), but I want to share this with you first.

2011 Values

It's a graphic representing my core values. I have always lived my life according to a core set of principles, but this post from my friend Anne-Marie at Brambleberry inspired me to create a graphic to illustrate them. Here's what each of the seven values means to me:


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  1. Praise. I am a Christian. I strive to think and behave in ways that reflect and praise my creator. Everything in my life is centered around this aim.

  2. Passion. I am fiercely passionate about IBN and its members. Every piece of work I do is in service to my INDIEs.

  3. Hard work. I like producing. I work hard to obtain results. I welcome hard work.

  4. Family. My husband, my children, my mother and my brothers are the immediate human concerns in my life. Nothing matters without them.

  5. Respect. I extend respect to every person I meet. I respect myself, and I surround myself with people who respect me as a business leader, a woman, and a friend.

  6. Achievement. There is no feeling like the one that comes with setting a goal and achieving it. I am addicted to achievement. As vices go, I suppose it's a good one to have.

  7. Fun. My family, close friends and most of my members will tell you that I can be a little bit crazy. I don't take myself too seriously. I love having fun.

So, there they are. My core values.

What are yours?

PS: Don't forget to join me and my family at noon EST today for Family Business Focus!

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