An Aromatherapy Gift From Our SunRose Aromatics

Earlier this month, we received a lovely gift from one of our members. All of our members are special of course, and they all stand out for different reasons. One of the many ways SunRose Aromatics is special to us is because the company is one of the first to join the Indie Business Network back in April 2000. We have been so honored to serve over the years, and it is intensely gratifying and affirming to have the opportunity to play such a positive role in the life of an innovative entrepreneurial company like SunRose.


As you can see, the goodies we received were accompanied by a personal thank-you note. Pictured here are Champa Infused Coconut, Roadside Bandits Blend and Champa Hydrosol. The champa used in the products was wild crafted in India. It has a sweet, woodsy aroma. Infused in coconut oil, it can be used to nourish and perfume your hair. Roadside Bandits is a blend of essential oils (black pepper, clove, cinnamon …) that is inspired by “Thieves Oil,” which was said to be used during the plague to ward off diseases. The champa hydrosol is a nice spritz that refreshes and perfumes.

SunRose's founder, Rosanne Tartaro, ran her business from her Bronx family home for years. Last year, she fulfilled a lifelong dream to live on a farm in Maine. She sold her home, relocated her life and her business, and now resides on her dream property, complete with chickens, open air fire pits, clean snowfalls and all kinds of amazing wildlife. We love seeing the pictures she shares of her new life on the Facebook page. Here's one you might like: wild turkeys in the snow.

About SunRose Aromatics

Backed by Rosanne's knowledge of and passion for aromatherapy, SunRose Aromatics brings you essential oils, rare perfume extracts, exotic base oils, and aromatherapy accessories from all over the world.

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Question: Do you love using aromatic and exotic oils in your products, or even playing around with them for fun? What are your favorites?

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