Thank You, Kelley Maddison!

I love people. In fact, the only thing I love more than people is helping them be successful in their businesses. That's why I was delighted to see the Kelley Maddison of Priia Cosmetics, one of my clients, had something very nice to say about how I serve her.


Here's what Kelley told WE Magazine For Women about how I help her.

Donna Maria encouraged me to follow my dreams and even more importantly helped me create a rock-solid plan for accomplishing them. Her wisdom and guidance have been indispensable! She helped me find the confidence to pursue my goals and gave me the direction I needed to be successful.

What Kelley didn't say is what a pleasure it is to serve her. As an experienced entrepreneur and consultant, I have a lot of wisdom and practical experiences to share. But the one thing I can't do is my clients' job of putting my suggestions to work. That's the hard part, but Kelley makes it look easy. She's taken to small business ownership like a duck to water (LOL!) and I am so pleased to see her accomplishments.

She recently announced the launch of her new Endless Summer line of mineral makeup and her wholesale and retail makeup sales are growing by leaps and bounds.

You an read WE's story on Kelley at this link. Thanks for mentioning me, Kelley! It's an honor to serve you!

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