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This week's Indie Business Radio Show features Tara Hunt, author of The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business.Here's a short video featuring the book and a program note about next week's show.

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During the show, Tara shared what she says is the best capital a company can have: “whuffie”. When it comes to social media, whuffie is capital that matters, says Tara. It's born of the deep and trusting relationships between you and your business and its customers and other stakeholders.

Tara says that social media outlets like Twitter and others are “relationship catalysts.” That is, they supply the tools we can use to initiate new relationships with other people. She says there are at least 3 big mistakes to avoid as you use social media to cultivate whuffie:

  1. Selfishness. Don't just show up at a social network and start talking about yourself. It's not about you. It's about your customers, clients and the people who want to connect with you. The more you listen and give generously, the better off you are.
  2. Impatience. Trust is an important part of giving good whuffie, and trust takes time. Focus on building enduring social networking communities. This cannot be done quick and in a hurry. It's an investment.
  3. Focus On Quantity. Tara says that focusing on the number of people in your whuffie circle (my term) is a mistake. She says the better practice at places like Twitter, for example, is to focus on the quality of your connections, not the number of them. This is the only way to create the “bonding capital” that makes your whuffie strong and enduring.

Listen to the Show

You can learn more about using social media tools to create your own special brand of whuffie by listening to my interview with Tara in the place most convenient for you. You can download it on iTunes. You can also stream it or download it at my radio show website. Finally, if you like where you are right now at my blog, simply click on the link below to listen right now!

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Question: How are you creating your own brand of whuffie as you reach out to people on behalf of your business? What tips can you share based on your experiences?

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