VIDEO: #SmallBizRollCall with Lisa Kasper of Blue Moon Candles

If you missed last week's #SmallBizRollCall, you can catch it here. My guest co-host for this morning's #SmallBizRollCall was Lisa Kasper of Blue Moon Candles in San Jacinto, California. Lisa is just back from summer vacation, and she joined us to share her take on the importance of pausing to disconnect, unplug and rejuvenate.

Thanks to everyone who joined, especially those who chatted live during the show: Shila Laing in Washington, IBN Local Director (Los Angeles) Jennifer Hardaway, Melissa Rivera in New York and so many more! Here are some of the links and information shared during the live broadcast. Time stamps are included to make it easy for you to scroll to what interests you most.

  1. Small business trivia question. (Starting at 8:50) Recently, the IRS announced an increase to the business mileage rate to 55.5 Cents. Congratulations to Shila Laing who answered the question first and correctly. The new rate takes effect on July 1, so don't forget to take your maximum deduction as you travel to and from those trade shows and business meetings.
  2. On unplugging. Starting at 3:11, Lisa shared her take on how important it is to unplug and regroup so you can focus on your highest priorities. According to Lisa, it “infuses your creativity and you come home ready to attach it.” Love that!
  3. The inspiration for Lisa's business. Starting at 4:33, Lisa shared the inspiration for her business. Inspired by her grandmother's love for candles, Lisa says she couldn't find what she wanted in a candle so she made her own. I am constantly amazed at people like Lisa who started a successful business based on something they wanted but couldn't find anywhere else.
  4. Lisa's products. Starting at 6:04, Lisa shared her Vaniglia Del Madagascar candle. You can see it in the video, but since you can't smell it, I won't tease you. Not the beautiful glitter in the candle, which makes it that much more special. Check out the Sweet Orange & Ginger (starting at 7:18), made with fruit wax and essential oils.
  5. Lisa's raffle. Lisa announced a raffle for existing customers, but there's still time for you to enter to win if you place an order within the next day or so. Watch the video at 3:19 to find out how you can enter to win.
  6. Lisa's words of encouragement, at 15:04:

    “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, and that's why we recommend it daily.”

    Lisa says this quote from Zig Ziglar is funny and motivating for her. What an appropriate quote to start the week, right? Each day as small business owners, we have to start off the day motivating ourselves. How wonderful that we can connect weekly at #SmallBizRollCall to do just that!

Post a photo of you with one of Lisa's products to enter the raffleout on the Blue Moon Candles FaceBook Page, follow Lisa on Twitter and visit her website. Meet Shila Laing of Artisanal Soap, this week's trivia question winner, at Twitter!

#SmallBizRollCall is recorded LIVE each week from 11:00am EST to 11:15am EST (or a tad bit longer if we're having too much fun) at the INDIE FaceBook Page. We'll be on vacation next week, July 4, for the holiday, so we'll see you on July 11 for the next #SmallBizRollCall.

Question: Want to co-host #SmallBizRollCall with me, and get your brand showcased in front of thousands while also having fun? Tell me Your Story, and I'll be in touch with the details if there's a good match for my audience!

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