VIDEO: #SmallBizRollCall With Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap

If you missed last week's #SmallBizRollCall, you may have missed the first live streaming video fed via satellite split screen, from Ustream to a FaceBook Page. I don't know of anyone else who's ever done so (do you?), and I'm so pleased that, with the help of my business partner husband, we pulled it off. My guest was Susan Mann, IBN's new Boston Local Director. She joined live from her studio in Springfield, Ma, and you can watch the recorded show here. (I apologize that the audio is choppy until 1:37 — it's clear after that. I am also told that some a few people in certain parts of the country cannot see the video at all. I am apparently one of those people, but I have heard from others that is plays without a hitch.)

Thanks to everyone who joined, especially those who chatted live during the show: La Shonda Tyree in New Jersey, Ann Belonger in Wisconsin, along with Rhonda Bellamy Hodge in Texas. Rhonda won a collection of Manor Hall Soap Company products when she answered today's #SmallBizRollCall question first and correctly. Here are some of the links and information shared during the live broadcast. Time stamps are included to make it easy for you to scroll to what interests you most.

  1. Small business trivia question. In addition to Susan, who are IBN's new Local Directors? Answer: Grace Antares (Portland, Or) and La Shonda Tyree (Newark and Central NJ). (More here and here.) Congratulations to Rhonda Bellamy Hodge for winning some of Susan's handmade goodies. They are on their way!
  2. On perseverance. Starting at 1:36, Susan shared her inspiration for her business, including her newly introduced Spearmint Grapefruit “Art House” Soap.
  3. Small business contributions. Starting at 3:28, I shared some inspiring statistics about the enormously important contributions small business owners are making to the US economy. One statistic in particular stands out — 52% of small business in the US are home-based.
  4. IBN's New Local Directors. Starting at 5:24, I announce the big news about IBN's new Local Directorships. Susan also shared importance of making local connections (at 5:58), so we can “share common goals, common gripes, and common tears.” Susan also discussed how being a member of IBN has helped her grow her business. (Susan's been an IBN member since February 2006).
  5. Susan's words of encouragement:

    The key is just to get up every day and just kill it and drag it home, and never ever ever give up.

    I completely forgot to ask Susan to share this word of wisdom during the broadcast, but I think it is so appropriate. You can watch the video where she got the quote at our FaceBook landing Page. Don't forget to LIKE us while you're there!

#SmallBizRollCall is recorded LIVE each week from 11:00am EST to 11:15am EST (or a tad bit longer if we're having too much fun) at the INDIE FaceBook Page. See you tomorrow, June 27 at 11:00am EST right here, when my guest will be Lisa Kasper of Blue Moon Candles.

Question: Would you mind letting me know if you can or cannot play this video in the comments section, and what city and state you are in? I am going to troubleshoot this with Ustream and appreciate your help. On a more fun note, want to co-host #SmallBizRollCall with me, and get your brand showcased in front of thousands while also having fun? Tell me Your Story, and I'll be in touch with the details if there's a good match for my audience!

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