You're Invited to my Boston Luncheon & Networking Event!

One of the exciting benefits you get to enjoy as my Local Director Program rolls out is the chance to connect with small and independent business leaders and experts in your local area. Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap is one of my very first Local Directors, so it's natural that the first INDIE Business local event should be in her area — Boston. The INDIE Business Boston Luncheon & Networking Event (register) is set for July 30, 2011. Here are the details:

Boston Networking Luncheon

As you can see, we are going to enjoy a delicious all-you-can-eat lunch, along with powerful speakers to help you focus your business efforts for maximum results.

Won't you join me, Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap, Business Finance Professor Nunzio Bruno and Al Santaniello of Businews Channel? You know you wanna!! Seating is limited, but we'll have enough food for a small army so be sure to sign up and get your share of grub and small business inspiration, encouragement and know-how!

Register here. Now!

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