July 2017 Indie Business Book Club: Live Your Best Day Ever

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I am pleased to announce the July 2017 Indie Business Book Club pick: Live Your Best Day Ever, by Anne-Marie Faiola. In case you did not know, Anne-Marie Faiola is a member of the Indie Business Network through her Bramble Berry soapmaking supply business. She has also been a speaker on Indie Cruise, my annual Caribbean retreat for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs, and a guest on my Indie Business Podcast. But more than all of that, Anne-Marie is my dear friend, and I am immensely proud of her latest publishing achievement.

If you're not familiar with the Indie Business Book Club, you can click here for more information. We start reading the book together on Monday, July 3. Click here to join us in the club for free on Facebook.

If you're not familiar with Indie Business Book Club, click here to learn more about how to participate.

Live Your Best Day Ever is the perfect book for our group of independent entrepreneurs to read because it promises to help us create better and more effective approaches to handling everyday life, which will help us be more effective leaders in all walks of our lives, including business.

About Live Your Best Day Ever

In Live Your Best Day Ever, Anne-Marie Faiola provides bite-sized, achievable strategies to help you embrace a mindset that will lead you to develop the habits needed to achieve success in whatever endeavors you choose. The book couples well-researched facts with Anne-Marie's personal experiences to create thirty-five easy-to-digest chapters that will help you use all of your powers and resources more effectively. Anne-Marie's approaches have allowed her to embrace a repeatable style and philosophy of working, living, and thinking that fuel her success. This book shares all of them, and I am so excited to share and read it with you.

About Anne-Marie Faiola

Anne-Marie Faiola is founder of Best Day Ever and CEO of Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies, which supplies Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs who sell their products everywhere from farmer's markets to national retail chains. Anne-Marie led her first health and nutrition challenge in 2011, earned her Nutritional Therapy Degree soon after, and focuses her personal and professional efforts on helping everyone she meets make each day their best day ever. In addition to her passion for business and nutrition, Anne-Marie sits on a variety of nonprofit boards and enjoys contributing to her community. She resides in Bellingham, WA, with her husband and two children.

(Yep, she's all that. But mostly, she's my friend.)

Visit Anne-Marie's website.

Buy Live Your Best Day Ever

Buy Live your Best Day Ever.

Of course, you can also purchase the book at your favorite local book store.

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