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The chief objections you tell me you have to blogging consistently and publishing a newsletter on a regular basis are that you don't have enough time and you cannot think of anything interesting to write about. Yet, you know you should blog, and you really do want to use your blog and email newsletter to attract your target customer. Your pain stops right now.

Starting now, each week, we will share in our private member Facebook group a fresh, new idea for a blog topic that your target audience will love. Many of the topics will be adaptable for use in your email newsletter too!

It's better than a cheat sheet because we do most of the work for you!

You'll get the topic, a general description of the content and the call to action associated with it, plus a basic template you can cut and paste and use at your own blog. You will edit the text and add images to fit your brand.

If available, you will also get links to other blog posts covering similar topics for further inspiration. Not only that, you can use the template to create an email newsletter!

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of blogging that I have enjoyed for nearly two decades. Additionally, you'll be able to maximize the chances of a sale every week, if you use your templates to publish a newsletter on a regular basis. Now, there is no good excuse for not publishing at least one blog post a week to attract your target customer to your website.

To get all of the blog topics, log into our private Facebook group, and search the #blogtopics hash tag. You won't regret it!


I am so excited about our Blog Topics! I know this will help you succeed. I'd love to hear your questions about blog and newsletter publishing, and what types of topics you'd like to see us help you with. And please tell a friend who needs help blogging. Don't keep the goodness all to yourself! Tell a friend or share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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