Introducing Blog Topics

The chief objections you tell me you have to blogging consistently and publishing a newsletter on a regular basis are that you don't have enough time and you cannot think of anything interesting to write about. Yet, you know you should blog, and you really do want to use your blog and email newsletter to attract your target customer. Your pain stops right now. Starting now, each week, we … [Read more...]

Introducing Content Calls

Content Calls are here! Based on conversations with you, our members, I saw the need for a member benefit focused specifically on helping you create the kind of engaging and consistent content that would attract and resonate with your target audience. Content Calls is that service, and it starts right now! After nearly 20 years of steady, consistent content creation via video, podcast, … [Read more...]

The Indie Business Network 2018 Badge Is Here!

The new 2018 Indie Business Network member badge is here! Indie Business Network members in good standing can log in and grab the code (without the watermark) for the badge for the current year. After you log in, choose the "Get your 2018 Member Badge" icon from the Dashboard, and follow the prompts to display your current membership at your website and/or blog. The badge looks like this, except … [Read more...]

New Low Prices on Product Liability Insurance

I am pleased to announce that the Indie Business Network now offers a new lower price on product liability insurance for our members who make soap, candles, jewelry, perfume, and cosmetics! Product liability insurance prices now start at $275, instead of the higher price of $395. Now, you can secure the same product liability insurance for less, and more easily sell your products online and at … [Read more...]

Introducing Member Makeovers!

Member Makeovers are here! Based on conversations with you, our members, I saw the need for a service offering live, tactical, hands on training to help you attract more people to your website to discover and buy your products. Member Makeovers is that service, and it starts right now! Member Makeovers take place via live webinar, so you can participate from wherever you are in your busy … [Read more...]