Our Roberta Perry Featured on the Dr. Oz Show After Responding to a HARO Inquiry!

How exciting is this? Last week, our member, Roberta Perry of Scrubz Body Scrub in Bethpage, New York, was recently a guest on the Dr. Oz. Show! According to their website, the Dr. Oz Show is broadcast in 118 countries and has over 4 Million daily viewers. On this show clip, Roberta educates Dr. Oz about the benefits of green tea as a nature natural skin care aid.

As you can see, Roberta shares how to make a green tea hot steam facial to open your pores and treat your skin to the goodness of green tea.

Roberta said that the opportunity to be on the show materialized after she responded to a September 17 media query from the Help a Reporter Out website. The query requested ideas for alternative uses for everyday products. Green tea is for drinking of course, but Roberta knows that it's also good for your skin, so she pitched the idea. The producer's liked her pitch, and the next thing you know, she was on the Dr. Oz. Show.

Roberta left some of her products for Dr. Oz, the show's executive and associate producers, and all of the people in hair and makeup as a gesture of gratitude and to pave the way for cultivation of the relationship.

(Class act, Roberta.)

How's that for a new addition to your press page!!

Check out Roberta's website here.

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