#IndieCruise MasterMind 2015 Speaker: Alana Rivera: Branding Up

As of today, there are only 98 days left to go until we set sail on February 8 for #IndieCruise MasterMind 2015. We are preparing for a superb time together. So far, you've met three of our presenters: Kismet Andrews, Andrea Hence Evans, Esq and Lela Barker. Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Alana Rivera who will speak on the topic of “Branding Up”.

alana rivera speaking on indie cruise mastermind 2015

Alana is the Maker at Etta and Billie, a standout bath and body products company in San Francisco California. She has been a member of the Indie Business Network since January 2009. Alana has racked up an impressive array of achievements in her business. You can get a fuller picture of the awesomeness this lady brings to the table in Season 1, Episode 2 of the Indie Business Podcast.

Alana's presentation is Branding Up: A Case Study in Scaling Up and Expanding Your Brand, and it will really help you bump things up a notch or two in your business. If you're already ready to join us for this epic adventure, then just click here to register NOW!

Scaling Up Means Branding Up

In the scheme of things, bigger does not always mean better. And doing better does not always mean that you have to get bigger. But you do need to “scale up” in order to get better. This could mean scaling up your physical production, or it could mean scaling up your brand. It could mean both.

Whatever it means to you, Alana can help you get clarity on it, and then pinpoint exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

How do I know this?

Because I have had a front row seat to Etta and Billie's progress for the past 7 years, and I know what this lady has been through to achieve the classic look of her labels and packaging that has lander her products on physical and virtual retail shelves nationwide.

Cash and Collaboration

Scaling up does involve money, and this scares many people off.

But it shouldn't, says Alana. “While I did invest a ton of cash to brand up, my approach to those investments made all the difference. I invested in myself and it has paid off in spades. Not only that, I collaborated with people who helped in me too many ways to mention.”

It's not just the money. It's the network. And Alana has a good one.

Who you collaborate with is half the battle. Alana will tell you why, and show you how to build out your your own collaborative network.

Meet Alana!

Learn more about Alana and her business at the website, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Sand, Snorkeling and Sunshine

The best part? You'll learn from Alana and our other speakers while relaxing in crystal clear blue Caribbean waters.

Come snorkel and learn with us!

Alana and I are ready to roll out the red carpet for you.

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Ready to brand up?

Of course you are!

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Best and Success!


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