Entrepreneurial Women Are Changing The World (InfoGraphic)

Since I quit my job in 1995 to open a retail store, and later launch the Indie Beauty Network, I have known that small business ownership would eventually become the norm for women. My professional life today is built around this truth, as I empower women and their family members to embrace the entrepreneurial opportunities that are so abundant today. I am thrilled, and not at all surprised, to see these statistics.

Women Small Business Owners - America's New Job Creators Infographic

One of the most telling pieces of information is the fact that between 2002woman-owned businesses increased by 20.1%, compared to 5.5% for men. That means women are starting businesses three times as fast as everyone else! Three times. Here are some additional highlights:

  1. Economic impact in dollars. Woman-owned businesses account for $3 Trillion, and growing. This positive economic impact is serving not just our nation and the world, but individual communities at the grass roots level. Witness: Tomororow's #IndieMeetup in more than a dozen cities nationwide.
  2. Employment. Woman-owned businesses produce and/or maintain 23 million jobs. As more women lead businesses, more Americans will become employed.
  3. Retail and wholesale growth. Just look at the huge percentage of woman-owned businesses int he retail/wholesale sector — a whopping 13.4%. Those are my Indies and the people who do business with them.

The sources for the statistics shown here are at the bottom of the graphic.

Question: Does this excite you as much as it does me?

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