Four Easy Ways to Improve Your About Page

On this episode of the Maker Mastermind Show, I was asked for my best and easiest ideas to improve the all-important About Page at your website. Your “About Page” is an opportunity to woo your prospects and draw them into what you and your brand stand for. It's a chance to replace the tired old “our products are great” spiel with a vibrant lifestyle message that draws people in from the heart.

Here are four strategic topics to include on your About Page, and an paragraph order that will help you nail it all down.

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your About Page

  • Our Story. An overview “Our Story” section, with a picture of you
  • Our Products. An “Our Products” section with an overview of your product line
  • Lifestyle. A “How Our Products Enhance Your Life” section which goes straight for the heart of your lifestyle brand
  • Update regularly. Check your site analytics on a regular basis (at least quarterly) to see how frequently people visit your About Page. Spruce it up at least once a quarter to refresh the copy and images with your latest ideas!

Watch the video for the details!

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What do you think of the advice shared here? Have you checked to see how often people check out your websiteAbout Page? Have you updated it lately? Are you telling a great story? Is your About Page focused on how great your products are, or is it focused on how your products enhance the lives of people who use them? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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