April 2019 Master Class: New Cosmetics Legislation

One of the benefits of IBN membership is a live monthly Master Class with someone who has mastered a topic that will help you be successful in your Maker business. Our Master Classes are great opportunities to learn and grow in our supportive community, and to meet some of the people who can make help you make your business more profitable and fun.

Cosmetics Legislation Update

Several blog posts here track the ongoing saga of cosmetics legislation. For anyone interested in taking a walk down memory lane, I published the first article on this topic in 2008, and several have followed: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2017. If you really like this sort of thing, you can track it all from the beginning in our Law and Advocacy category.

Recently, new legislation was introduced, and today, I'll host a Master Class to share all of the details with our members who make cosmetic products.

I'll be interviewing Anne-Marie Faiola of the Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs, along with legislative lobbyist Rick DeSimone.

About the Master Class Instructor: Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is the founder and CEO of Bramble Berry, the leader of the Coalition of Handcrafted Entrepreneurs, and a lifestyle coach at Best Day Ever. She is a serial entrepreneur, author, crafter, lifestyle coach, mom, and soapmaker who has met with lawmakers and regulators for a decade to help pursue new cosmetics legislation that would not adversely affect small businesses.

In this Master Class, Donna Maria will interview Anne-Marie and Rick DeSimone to get an updated overview of newly introduced legislation and discussion drafts. Our intention is to ensure that our IBN members are fully informed of what is being proposed so they can plan the future of their businesses accordingly.

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See you on today's Master Class!


Have you seen any copies of the newly introduced legislation or discussion drafts? What are your thoughts? What questions do you have?

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