How to Partner With a YouTube Vlogger to Promote Your Products [Video]

Have you ever approached a YouTube vlogger to collaborate on a project to promote your products? You might after you read this post. One of our members, Jennifer Waller at Celtic Complexion in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a great case study on how you can create a collaboration with a YouTube vlogger that results in increased sales and visibility for you and your products. Have a look at this Celtic Complexion product review from Wheaten Beauty, a fifty-something beauty vlogger who loves makeup.

Women like Wheaten Beauty are Jennifer's target customers, and more importantly, Wheaten Beauty's audience is composed of Jennifer's target customers.

This video is the result of Jennifer targeting a specific vlogger to create a win/win situation for Jennifer, for Wheaten Beauty, and for Wheaten Beauty's audience.

(Watch to the end so you don't miss the giveaway opportunity that expires on Monday, November 9, 2014!)

We asked Jennifer to share how this promotional opportunity unfolded so you could get ideas on how to do something similar.

IBN: How did you discover Wheaten Beauty?


She was a recipient of Goodebox, a subscription box I participated in last year. After she received the box, she reviewed my products on her YouTube channel. I discovered the review from a Google Alert. Wheaten Beauty has a lot of YouTube fans — 2,222 to be exact — and I got a lot of sales from her review, so I investigated further.

IBN: How did you follow up and introduce yourself to Wheaten Beauty?


I reached out to her directly to see if she wanted to do an exclusive review of some of my products, and in exchange, I promised to her fans an exclusive 30% off coupon. She was thrilled and jumped at the chance! The collaboration resulted in some of the highest sales numbers I had all year. In terms of promotions, only my own BOGO (buy one, get one free) offer performed better.

IBN: Did you ask Wheaten Beauty to record and share this new video?


No, I did not. That's the best part!

As a “thank you” for working with me on the 30% coupon offer, I gifted her a $500 gift certificate so she could go shopping at my website. She loved the products so much that she took it upon herself to use some of them to create this new video and the giveaway offer.

IBN: Don't miss the giveaway!!

Remember to watch to the end so you don't miss the giveaway opportunity that expires on Monday, November 9, 2014!

You can get more information about Celtic Complexion here, and you can read Jennifer's member spotlight here.

Meet the YouTube vlogger!

Enjoy hundreds of awesome product reviews at Wheaten Beauty's YouTube channel.

Have you ever worked with a YouTube vlogger? What good came out of it? What questions do you have? Please share your tips and experiences below!

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