Introducing Influencer Lisa Douglas: The Mom in Chaos Blogger

Recently, I announced the open call for entries for the 2017 Indie Business Network Artisan Product of the Year Awards. Our winners will be announced soon. In the meantime, I'd like you to become acquainted with our panel of curated Influencer Judges.

Earlier this month, I introduced you to Patrice Grell Yursik, Jade Huang, Jen Moreau, Melinda Emerson, and Ally Loprete. Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Lisa Doublas, the The Mom in Chaos Blogger. Here is more about Lisa.

  1. Lisa has eleventy-billion kids.

    I only have two (and a dog), but I get it. I'm not sure how many actual kids Lisa has, but her use of the term “eleventy-billion” does give me some idea of why her blog is called “crazy adventures.”

  2. Lisa has been featured in multiple media outlets and books.

    In addition to Huffington Post, the Today Show, and USA Today, Lisa has been interviewed by Kelly Ripa and has been featured in “how to” books on the topic of mom blogging. Lisa has perfected the art of connecting with moms and using a blog to create income streams and relationships. If you want moms to know about your products, get them into Lisa's hands.

Meet Lisa Douglas of This Little Parent @crazyadventures, and Influencer Judge for the 2017 Artisan Product of the Year Awards!Click To Tweet

Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Visit Lisa website at this link, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Have you enjoyed Lisa's blog, watched any shows, or read any books that she's been featured in. If you are inspired and motivated (or terrified?!) by Lisa's eleventy-billion kids, let us know. And, of course, I appreciate every single share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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