Makers on the Move (Episode 3: September 2017)

Indie Business Network members are a never ending source of inspiration and motivation. But they do more than inspire. They actually roll up their sleeves and get busy producing products that help make your life more fun and enjoyable. Is there a better way to invest your work time than helping your friends live a better life? I think not.

Before we take a look at some new products, let's take a quick look back to last week, when we brought you Makers doing incredible things in California, Wisconsin, and Maryland. This week, we bring you a better life from southern California, Maryland's beautiful eastern shore, and the Indiana state house. See anyone you know?

A new retail store and scent bar in California

Jennifer Hardaway at KleanSpa has been an IBN member for nearly a decade. She's set sail with me on Indie Cruise several times (and was a speaker in 2013), and has been a fabulous guest on an episode of Indie Business Podcast. Today, she's outdone herself by moving her retail store to a newly branded location called Phoebe Peacock!

Says Jennifer:

Two years ago, I came across my Grandmother's death certificate. I saw that her mother (my Great Grandmother) was named Phoebe Peacock. Chills instantly came over me and I knew I was destined to create a beautiful lifestyle brand around her name. The perfumery line is the culmination of my recent study of perfumery and the first product of Phoebe Peacock.

Looks like Jennifer's maternal ancestors are definitley looking out for her!

Check out KleanSpa's website here, and visit the new Phoebe Peacock store at 3414 1/2 West Magnolia Blvd., Toluca Lake, California where you can purchase some of Jennifer's artisan perfumes and make some of your own at the Phoebe Peacock scent bar!

A new line of candles from Maryland's eastern shore

Greg Waddell of Lodestone Candles of Kent & Co in Kennedyville, Maryland has launched his new website and I am the happiest online customer ever. I've been waiting and waiting for months, totally intrigued by one of his Instagram posts.

Each candle label is printed on a 1921 Chandler & Price letterpress by a local letter press company. Could anything be cooler?

The other thing I can say about these candles is that they are hand-poured into weighted amber colored glass. I purchased four scents: Atlantis (oceanic with undertones of amber and vanilla), Tobacco and Bay Leaf (exotic and earthy), Snug (warm and cozy), and Whiskey (like oak and smoke). I'm still thinking about it, but I think my favorite is Snug. It's so good that my daughter confiscated it. Clearly, I must buy more.

Buy Greg's candles at Lodestone Candles of Kent & Co. Free shipping on orders over $50.

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Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Handmade products in the Indiana State House!

If you found yourself in the in the offices of Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch last week, you could have tried products made by our member, Tracy Land, of Frangipani Body Products.

That's the lieutenant governor on the left and Tracy on the right.

The opportunity to showcase Frangipani products at the state capitol came about through Indiana Grown, a collaborative initiative designed to promote Indiana produced agricultural products to Indiana residents, restaurants, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, wholesalers, processors and other retail businesses.

Missed getting to the Indiana state house earlier this month? No problem. Check out the Frangipani Body Products website and grab some products there!

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