How to be an Entrepreneurial Multiplier

One of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is that she is a relentless multiplier. The same can be said of any successful person really, but the ability to bring about multiple beneficial business outcomes as a result of a single action is a requirement for everyone who expects to lead a profitable and sustainable business.


In a nutshell, an entrepreneurial multiplier is one who routinely leverages one activity to produce multiple positive business results. The results can be short-term or long-term, and they can be tangible or intangible. (Usually, they are a combination of all four.)

Being an entrepreneurial multiplier is one of the things that separates a thriving entrepreneur from one who is constantly struggling.

I recently received a piece of mail from a member of the Indie Business Network that beautifully illustrates this point. Sara Nesbitt, has been a member of IBN for several years. Recently, after 14 years in business as Saras Soaps ‘N Such, Sara officially launched her new brand: Coastal Carolina Soap Co.

She sent me a beautifully branded handwritten note (pictured above) to mark the occasion. I have previously shared some of my thoughts about the importance of pen and ink, but this is such a great example of entrepreneurial multiplication that I had to share it with you.

Here are some of the multiple positive outcomes Sara is enjoying as a result of the single activity of sending out these lovely cards. Bear in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since I am not the only one who received one of Sara's notes, the outcome of this activity will pay off in ways that this blog post cannot include.

How to be an Entrepreneurial Multiplier

  1. Snail mail special delivery. As soon as I saw the note in our mail, I felt special because I knew Sara had taken extra time to personally connect with me. As the leader of IBN and our exclusive member Facebook group, I already knew abut Sara's re-brand. I had even seen (and comment in advance on) the new logo. But Sara took the time to go to the post office and mail a note to me personally.Positive Outcome: Putting something (besides the product you sell) that is tangible and positive in your customer's hands.
  2. Branding. The first thing I saw peeping out of the back of the envelope when I opened the note was the top of the shells on Sara's new logo. I squealed, really I did. It was like a “big reveal.” It had been discussed online in our group for months, but seeing the new brand on paper made it real and tangible. Sara made it happen.Positive Outcome: The positive brand impression will last indefinitely. I will remember the shell, the ribbon-like flourish and pretty (and easy to read) font, and it will be super easy to tell my friend how to look for it online, at a show, or on a retail store shelf.
  3. Social media leverage. This blog post. IBN's Twitter. IBN's Instagram. IBN's Facebook Page. The list goes on and on.Positive Outcome: Posting of a picture of the post card in several places will help Sara spread the word multiple times over. Who knows how many other people will give her new brand a lift in this way?
  4. Positivity and trust. The note is happy. It talks about how excited Sara is to serve me under her new brand. It also mentions that she has already been in business for 14 years. This lets me know that she's excited and can be trusted.Positive Outcome: Encouraging the customer to feel uplifted and inspired, and to identify you and your brand with that positive energy.
  5. The emotional imprint. The whole experience is memorable. I'll remember the shell, the pretty blue color, the fact that I got a personal note, where I was standing when I opened the note, and how I felt when I got the note.Positive Outcome: As Maya Angelou said, people may not remember exactly what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel. I remember this feeling, and feel good about doing business with Sara, and referring my friends to her.
  6. The slogan identifies a specific target customer.. Sara's new slogan is A trip to the coast with every bath. As a coastal beach lover myself (I'm also in North Carolina where Sara is … bonus!), I can definitely get with that idea. Bring on the sea salt and fresh ocean breezes!Positive Outcome: Identifying your niche. The slogan reflects a wonderful niche — people who love the coast. And not only that … people who love the North Carolina coast. Way to niche it, Sara!

Visit the new Coastal Carolina Soap Co. here!


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