[POLL RESULTS] Are you more likely to buy a cosmetic if “organic” is on the label?

Earlier this month, I posted this question here and over at the Indie social networking site. As you may know, the USDA's National Organic Program enforces organic labeling and processing standards for food, but not cosmetics.

The FDA, which does regulate cosmetics, does not oversee how and whether the term “organic” appears on cosmetic product labels, and has shown no interest in doing so. All this got me to wondering how much of a different it made anyway — so I asked you. And boy, did you tell! A summary of the results of the poll are below.

  1. 35% said “Yes, organic is preferable to non-organic.”
  2. 43% said “No. As long as a cosmetic is safe, organic doesn't matter to me.”
  3. 21% said “It depends.”

Some people explained their answers in comments at the post where the poll appears, and others did so at the poll website where the poll also appeared.

From the looks of things, “organic” is a plus, but a lot of people reported considering many more things before they buy a cosmetic. In particular, I was pleased to see many responses from people who said they read the entire product label before they buy, not just the claim on the front of it.

Question: What do you think of these poll results?

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