Recap: Artisan Made Show: Father’s Day Edition

In case you missed it yesterday, the Artisan Made Show: Father's Day Edition was awesome. Father's Day is coming up on June 17, and if you have yet to finish your shopping, then you have come to the right place! Our show lineup included six or our member artisan entrepreneurs from four states: California, Connecticut, Texas, and Maryland.

As you know, the Artisan Made Show makes it fun and easy for you Meet the Makers | Shop the Brands. Here are the streams from our Father's Day episode, along with shopping links and discount codes!

Jamyla Bennu: Oyin Handmade: Baltimore, MD

Jamyla and her husband have been selling Oyin products online since 2003. In this video, Jamyla demonstrates products from their new Levi Fisher, specifically formulated for the man with a beard. The video features Fresh Start black soap and honey bear cleansing shampoo and facial cleansing foam, Go Tea two-in-one grooming spray, and Smooth Operator leave-in beard detangler and conditioner.

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Get the Levi Fisher “beard bundle” for your Dad or other awesome man in your life at this link.

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Watch the stream and learn more about Oyin Handmade at their Facebook page.

Learn more about Jamyla's Maker Story and the Oyin Handmade community on this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

Katherine Dexter: Wild House Body Care: College Station, TX

Katherine told us about her brand's commitment to recycling and shared about the process she uses to infuse fresh coffee extract into the sweet almond oil used in many of her products. And specifically for the moustached Dads in our lives, there's the Wild Man moustache wax made with 60% beeswax — so his moustache can be firm, not flimsy.

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Until tomorrow, get free shipping on your order of any of the products at Wild House Body Care, using code AMSFREE. Additionally, with no code, get 25% off the entire Wild Man line (oil, balm, and mustache wax).

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Watch the stream and learn more about Wild House Body Care at their Facebook page..

Natural Annie Essentials: Annya Brown, Bridgeport, CT

Annya shared the story of how her business started as a result of an illness in her family. Her lusciously scented soy candle line includes the Cedarwood and Bergamot, and the Nag Champa fragrances, both of which Annya says men rave about. Treat the men in your life for Father's Day this year — and watch the video and see how you can buy two candles and get a third at a discount.



Use coupon code ARTISAN20 to get 20% off your online order, or buy two candles and get the third candle at 30% off. Go shopping now!

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Watch the stream and learn more about Natural Annie Essentials at their Facebook page.

Danielle Vincent: Outlaw Soaps: Grass Valley, CA

Danielle and her husband and business partner Russ made ruggedly awesome handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms, colognes, and other stuff made in the spirit of the Wild West. As Danielle shares in the video segment, the brand is evocative of nature and a truly adventurous life, celebrating things like sitting around a camp fire or drinking whiskey out of a bottle with you best buddies. With product names like Hair of the Dog, Fire in the Hole, and Whiskey Business, you get the picture! Check it out.



If your Dad and other dudes you love also love nature, camp fires, and the adventurous lifestyle, then these products are perfect for them. Go shopping now!

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Watch the stream and learn more about Outlaw Soaps at their Facebook page.

Learn more about Danielle's Maker Story and the Outlaw Soaps community on this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

Nikie Wishnow: Rock the Bath Bar: Conroe, TX

The Rock the Bath Bar brand celebrates the spirit of radio and the music of the 80’s. Nikie, the lead rocker, lead dancer, and creator of the line, came ready to rock ‘n roll in her electric blue lip stick. Whether it's funk, rock ‘n roll, hard rock, or something in between, you can get a bath product to help you relive it at Rock the Bath Bar.



Help your Dad get his 80's groove on with products like the Let's Dance cucumber and melon scented soap bar, the ZZ Top inspired Sharp Dressed Man, or maybe the Robert Plant inspired Tall Cool One soap bar made with valencia orange, pink grapefruit and pineapple. Your 80's lovin' Dad needs them all so go shopping here now.

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Kamika King: I AM Grooming Co.: Los Angeles, CA

Kamika told us about how the I AM Grooming brand celebrates and affirms men. What better way to do that than with her 4-step grooming system? The entire set is the perfect gift for Dad or any man who wants to look and feel his best: facial wash, fine face toner, grooming serum and beard and body balm. The line contains numbers on the label, so Dad can easily see which product to use in what order.



Get the I AM bundle here, and use code ibnlove to get free gift wrapping. And remember, you get free shipping on everything when you order!

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