Running Journal: Day 56

This morning's time with my fitness partners at the conference was fantastic. We walked around the gold course as the sun came into full view. It was cold, quiet, peaceful, and fun. In fact, it was so much fun that, for the second day in a row, I forgot to activate RunKeeper (See video for information about RunKeeper.) After our brisk walk, we found a quiet corner on the ground level of the hotel, moved a bit of furniture and spread out for a yoga sun salutation, led by Anne-Marie. The stretching felt incredibly good after such a brisk walk.

As we came back to the conference area, we all felt so prepared for the day. Our bodies had been awakened and made receptive to all of the new ideas and possibilities that are ours for the taking. I am so grateful for the ladies who get up with me each morning to grease the skids. There is great personal and professional power in morning exercise. I am more convinced of it with each passing day. Here are this morning's stats:

  1. Weather. Cold and sunny. I think it was pretty close to freezing outside (feeling very committed now …)
  2. Location. Inverness Hotel golf course
  3. Distance. No one was counting this time, but we had a great walk, the yoga
  4. Calories. Not captured
  5. Start Time. 6:00am
  6. Run Time. I got back to my room right at about 7:18, so a bit less than yesterday's hour and a half total. I'm hoping to get on the treadmill for a bit later today.
  7. Average Pace. Not captured
  8. Playlist. Lots of great girl talk and chit chat!
  9. Condition. Better than ever. I am now prepared for new opportunities. Plus, I've taken 5,003 steps and it's not even 7:30 in the morning yet. !!!!

Question: Do you do yoga?

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