Video: How to Sell Your Products Using A Subscription Box Service

In this video, I share some of my best tips to help you have a profitable and positive relationship with a subscription box service. This is a hot topic in our private Indie Business Network member Facebook group, especially as the holidays approach and there seems to be a new subscription box service coming out every day.

No matter what kind of product you sell, you can lay the foundation for a successful collaboration if you make sure you have at least these three things in place:

  1. Make sure there's a branding match between your products and the subscription box.
  2. Make sure there is a strong community supporting the box.
  3. Make sure you have a contract with the box owner that includes, among other things, how much you'll be paid and when you'll be paid.

In the video, I explain each principle in more detail and give you simple, easy-to-follow action items to create a good subscription box experience. At the end, I challenge you with the idea that you might want to launch your own subscription box or membership type service. Some Indie Business Network members are doing this with great success — and they are having fun and making money too!

Coming Up This Month at the Indie Business Network

At the end of this video, my daughter, Vanessa Johnson, joins me to share a fun preview of the practical and inspiring content we have coming up at Indie Business Network in September.

  • In our Success Call, I will interview fellow attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinstein about how to protect your interests when you participate in digital collaborative ventures. We will include a discussion of items you want to consider when you're asked to contribute to things like telesummits — to make sure you are compensated fairly (and money is only one type of compensation) and that your brand and other intellectual property are protected.
  • I will also host our members-only Live Access Q+A Call. This month’s theme is “Redefining The Family Business.” This is a special event because not only are members invited to participate, but we have invited them to bring their spouses and significant others to join us! You see, technology and the new economy has resulted in more people starting their own businesses. When one person in the family has a business, then so does every other person in the family. The trouble is, not everyone understands or appreciates the kind of lifestyle adjustments that are necessary in order to make a business successful. My husband will join us for this very personal call where we will share from our hearts about some of the challenges we have faced (and continue to face) as we raise a marriage, a couple of kids, and a business under one roof.

If you’re not a member of the Indie Business Network yet, and you'd like access to this content, you can see our other member benefits here, and join today!


1. If you have participated in a subscription box, what was your experience?

2. Are you a member of a subscription box service? Which ones do you like? Not like?

3. Do you have your own subscription box service, for your own brand of products? Tell us all about it!

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