Summer 2016 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge Starts Now!

It's time for the Summer 2016 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge, and we start right now! This is the perfect time for a blogging challenge. It's July, but we are moving steadily and quickly toward the fall season, and now is the time to attract people to your site for a look-see so you have an easier time converting sales during the fall and holiday season.

blog your brand challenge

My co-host for this 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge is Donna DeRosa of Donna DeRosa Coaching. Donna is a longtime member of the Indie Business Network who changed her entire business last year, going from a handmade beauty business to a life coach. Through the transition time up until now, Donna has participated in all of my 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge events. She has been consistent and patient, and it's paying off. Through her blog, Donna has attracted a very specific target audience, and she has maximized her blog to expand her customer base and create ways to serve more people. I'm so excited to have her as my co-host this summer.

Our 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge starts today, and runs through August 8, 2016.

How the 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge Works

First, you must join the the Blog Your Brand Facebook Group today, where you will become a part of our supportive community and learn more about managing a blog that produces results for your business.

You can download the 30-Day Blog Your Challenge Rules here (PDF).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The guidelines mention the prize of a Blog Your Brand badge, which is true. We are sweetening the pot with additional prizes this summer, so stay tuned for details about them in the Facebook Group!

Join us!


Sales don't just happen because you start a business and launch a website. You have to get people there, and that means investing your time and your energy to put your brand face forward to the world in ways that encourage people to fork over their credit card number. Make it happen, starting now! Are you joining us? What results have you seen from your blogging efforts? Will this be your first 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge? What are you expecting? I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, or share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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