The Media Is You Video: Training and Q&A

Today was a fantastic day! My heart is so full of excitement that our (my husband and me) presentation of "The Media Is You" was delivered without a hitch. I know that some of you missed it so we are going to edit a 10-minute version of it for YouTube over the next few days. But thanks to the magic of UStreamTV, we captured the entire 45 minute presentation on video, plus the 30-minute audio Q&A afterward so you don't miss anything! To enjoy the presentation, click the arrow in the player below.

(Update: 5/19/2009: Please note that the video may not stream smoothly throughout due to server load times and/or to Ustream's sometimes slow streaming capabilities. I apologize for the inconvenience.You can view the PowerPoint presentation that goes along with the video at this link. You can also click on the arrow under the player box to listen to the audio Q&A that followed the presentation.)

After the presentation, I hosted a 30-minute Q&A session to answer as many questions as possible. We discussed branding, Twitter, press kits and more. You can enjoy the audio Q&A here by clicking on the blue arrow.

Throughout the presentation the chat was a live with activity as people learned, shared and chatting their own tips and experiences. I captured them all so you can see what people were talking about and don't miss out on the fun. To enjoy the chat stream, get even more tips and meet some people, click the continue link below. Enjoy!!

Live Chatting!

11:56 ustreamer-64897 : Hi everyone
 11:56 ustreamer-50306 : just testing
 11:56 ustreamer-64897 : I hope I can get this to work
 11:56 ustreamer-82217 : Hi all
 11:57 ustreamer-50306 : Hello everyone!  This is Nicole
 11:57 ustreamer-97643 : Do we refresh at 12 to get the video?
 11:57 ustreamer-93175 : Welcome everyone! The show will begin shortly.
 11:57 ustreamer-50306 : Yes
 11:57 ustreamer-93175 : Yes, You many need to refresh your screen
 11:58 indiebusiness-5312 : the broadcast has started. if you can't see a picture in the box, refresh your screen.
 11:58 indiebusiness-5312 : click the arrow if needed.
 11:58 indiebusiness-5312 : ginger, let's do a quick audio check.
 11:58 indiebusiness-5312 : can you hear me say test?
 11:59 ustreamer-7964 : just got audio
 11:59 ustreamer-31835 : no
 11:59 ustreamer-10799 : Yes DM I can hear
 11:59 ustreamer-70870 : I can hear DM
 12:00 indiebusiness-5312 : We're counting down. Feel free to Twitter that you're here if you'd like! I'm excited about sharing with you today!
 12:00 ustreamer-10799 : To display your name, in the chat box type /nick<nickname>
 12:00 indiebusiness-5312 : To use your real name or Twitter name, type /nick {name}, then SEND
 12:01 ustreamer-58469 : hi I have no audio yet
 12:01 ustreamer-58469 : got thanks
 12:01 ustreamer-60332 : Lots of reverb
 12:03 {sulori} : test
 12:03 {Ginger} : Hi Sulori!
 12:03 ustreamer-90091 : {mineralsilk}
 12:03 {sulori} : Hello Ginger!
 12:03 {Ginger} : Hi Mineralsilk
 12:04 Cactusandivy : Hey y'all!
 12:04 ustreamer-90091 : HI
 12:04 {Ginger} : Hi Catcusandivy!
 12:04 Cactusandivy : Chello Ginger
 12:04 {Ginger} : Hi everyone! Glad to see you here.
 12:05 ustreamer-53088 : Hi from Plum Hill
 12:05 drflower-2749 : if you are having trouble getting your user id to work, type this:  /nick[space][username]  without the brackets
 12:05 {Ginger} : Thanks Drflower for the name tip!
 12:06 drflower-2749 : anytime ginger 😉
 12:06 earthmuffin-394 : Hi
 12:06 Luci-819 : Hey Doc, thx and Hello All.
 12:06 LaDolceDiva-7573 : how do i get rid of the 7573 after my name
 12:06 Ginger-7360 : Hi Luci
 12:07 Ginger-7360 : I don't think you can
 12:07 Ginger-7360 : But if anyone knows, let us know. 🙂
 12:07 [youscentme] : Interesting. When I worked for a travel agent, we used to have to answer the phone "how may I be of service?"
 12:07 Luci-819 : Hi Ginger! dM is so right about what she is saying
 12:07 Cactusandivy : Diva – If you log in from UStream, you won't have those #'s
 12:08 drflower-2749 : you have to login and register with ustream to get around it ladolcediva 😉
 12:08 LaDolceDiva-7573 : thanks
 12:08 ustreamer-82383 : DrFlower, it's me EcommerceDiva. Can't get my name to show up, where did you type it?
 12:09 Ginger-7360 : EcommercDiva, just type it in the message box and hit send.
 12:09 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Ohhhh. Got it!
 12:09 Ginger-7360 : type /nick – hit space bar – then type your name – hit enter
 12:09 ustreamer-7703 : packagingdiva
 12:10 drflower-2749 : high five jamilla!
12:11 Ginger-7360 : Yes we have a great group here today!
 12:11 LaDolceDiva : ciao EcommerceDiva
 12:11 ustreamer-15508 : vedasun/ hi all
 12:11 ustreamer-59271 : Hi everyone!
 12:11 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Hey Gina @VedaSun
 12:11 Cactusandivy : Saaaaweet, Jamila!! Nice to see ya chicka!
 12:11 soapylove : Hi EcommerceDiva!!
 12:12 ustreamer-15508 : hey Jamila!!
 12:12 soapylove : Yay Lori!
 12:12 Ginger-7360 : Hi and welcome to those who have joined in the last few minutes!
 12:12 bathdesserts-4147 : Hi Debbie!
 12:12 soapylove : Hi Hi!!
 12:12 ustreamer-59271 : Marianne with Gifts From the Earth is here!
 12:12 LaDolceDiva : wow- where are her stacks of boxes? She can see her floor?
 12:12 EcommerceDiva-8953 : DrFlower gave great tip – to get your username to show up, type /nick [username] (minus the brackets, insert your username)
 12:12 soapylove : She is super organized.
 12:13 TynishaThompson : Hey Jamila.
 12:13 bathdesserts-4147 : Is the Nova Studio only in San Francisco?
 12:13 soapylove : Yes.
 12:13 EcommerceDiva-8953 : I like dM's made up word "passionizing"!
 12:13 drflower-2749 : i don't see wasted space in lori's place either
 12:13 bathdesserts-4147 : Don't you teach there Debbie?
 12:13 EcommerceDiva-8953 : My studio never looked that neat… lol
 12:14 soapylove : Yes, actually I have a class coming up on April 11 there!
 12:14 bathdesserts-4147 : That's a long trip from San Diego!
 12:14 soapylove : It's about using molds creatively with M&P.
 12:14 ustreamer-4660 : testing…
 12:14 soapylove : Yes, but it's worth it!  Her studio is awesome!!
 12:14 drflower-2749 : aha! must be why you won't be in ga that day, debbie
 12:14 soapylove : Ah, yes!  I wish I could do it all!!
 12:15 earthmuffin-394 : Debbie: wish I was closer so I could attend
 12:15 soapylove : That would be great – I'd love to do a class in the south sometime, though!
 12:15 bathdesserts-4147 : I would go!!!
 12:15 earthmuffin-394 : Come up north to me!
 12:15 soapylove : Maybe I could do something at Southern Soaper's shop!
 12:15 Ginger-7360 : If you have just joined the show, welcome. and if you want to display your name in the chat:
 12:15 drflower-2749 : me too, debbie but timing sometimes chooses us…and there's always next year
 12:15 Ginger-7360 : type /nick – hit space bar – then type your name – hit enter
 12:16 BackPorchSoap-7341 : I've got to get pics up of my workshop studio! Come to Boston and take a class!
 12:17 drflower-2749 : that's me…word is still not out
 12:17 earthmuffin-394 : yep me too
 12:19 BackPorchSoap-7341 : 60 percent of my sales come from Google search.
 12:20 EcommerceDiva-8953 : There aren't many classes at all in the mid-Atlantic area – could be a great opportunity for an instructor
 12:20 soapylove : I get lots of hits from Google searches but people aren't buying.
 12:20 soapylove : Hm – thanks Diva!
 12:20 drflower-2749 : keywords coming from your blog or your store – backporchsoaps?
 12:20 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Marla @BackPorch, great! And it's great that you know where your traffic and sales come from, most people don't
 12:20 bathdesserts-4147 : BackPorchSoap, – how do you get such a good presence with google, through SEO?
 12:20 BackPorchSoap-7341 : Both drflower. Thanks Ecomerce!
 12:20 EcommerceDiva-8953 : SoapyLove, people in MD, DC, VA, DE, PA are hungry for classes
 12:21 BackPorchSoap-7341 : bathdesserts – it's my second job. 🙂
 12:21 soapylove : Oooh – maybe after my book comes out I can go to the east coast for some workshops.  Thx for the hints!!
 12:21 EcommerceDiva-8953 : LOL! Yes, SEO can be a 2nd job if you let it!
 12:21 BackPorchSoap-7341 : No, I mean literally.
 12:21 EcommerceDiva-8953 : I know! lol
 12:21 drflower-2749 : yeah debbie…georgia…wink wink

 12:21 bathdesserts-4147 : BackPorchSoap How many hours a day to you spend on your second job:)
 12:22 packagingdiva : I teach a packaging class
 12:22 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Are u using Google Analytics to track your stats?
 12:22 BackPorchSoap-7341 : 30 hours. I have several clients.
 12:22 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Hey JoAnn, have u ever taught in greater DC area?
 12:22 drflower-2749 : in atlanta, packagingdiva?
 12:23 soapylove : Thanks Dr Flower!  Keep your couch warm for me!
 12:24 packagingdiva : Wherever I can get a group together.
 12:24 drflower-2749 : anytime debbie, you say the word! 😀
 12:24 earthmuffin-394 : Packagingdiva, want to come to ND, MN?
 12:24 soapylove : Sweet Dr Flower!! 🙂
 12:25 EcommerceDiva-8953 : dM is talking about print ads to promote your biz. Have any of you tried that successfully?
 12:25 soapylove : No – I haven't tried any actual print ads!  I can't believe that!
 12:25 earthmuffin-394 : me either – too costly right now
 12:26 drflower-2749 : awful expensive…
 12:26 BackPorchSoap-7341 : Free press is the best press.
 12:26 soapylove : Oh, wait – I've been featured in a few magazines.  I guess that counts.
 12:26 packagingdiva : Might, I'm working on online packaging classes.
 12:26 drflower-2749 : yep it counts debbie
 12:26 earthmuffin-394 : I would love an online class!
 12:26 bathdesserts-4147 : I would love to take an online packaging class!
 12:26 soapylove : Oh, ok.  Well in that case, my mag features have been very lukewarm.
 12:27 EcommerceDiva-8953 : I've tried print ads for several of my biz. SOme local, and some including "souvenir journal" ads at local events w/my target market. None have ever recouped my investment. I'll stick to online marketing, it works better for me.
 12:27 EcommerceDiva-8953 : I've done well with mag/newspaper coverage, just not paid ads.
 12:27 EcommerceDiva-8953 : It's been easier for me to get featured as the *business owner* to promote my products, rather than getting direct press for the products, although that happens sometimes.
 12:28 BackPorchSoap-7341 : I've had more success with direct mail over traditional print.
 12:28 EcommerceDiva-8953 : At least with print. Online (bloggers) it's been about 50/50. So the key is to have a compelling *story* about your biz and you as the owner.
 12:28 drflower-2749 : cactusandivy has an awesome video of just that jamila
 12:28 Marianne-8333 : I have never had much success in print ad other than name familiarity.
 12:28 bathdesserts-4147 : I saw that video.  It's awesome!!
 12:28 BackPorchSoap-7341 : Direct mail can be effective for wholesale accounts.
 12:28 drflower-2749 : elizabeth with homemade at homestead also
 12:28 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @BackPorch Really? I sucked at direct mail. lol! I've had better success with cold calling than direct mail.
 12:29 BackPorchSoap-7341 : LOL
 12:29 EcommerceDiva-8953 : What's Cactus&Ivy's video link?
 12:29 earthmuffin-394 : no luck with direct mail here either
 12:29 bathdesserts-4147 : It's at her website.
 12:29 BackPorchSoap-7341 : Direct mail has to be very on-target w/message and to recipient.
 12:30 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Yep.
 12:30 LaDolceDiva : evil cycle of getting account and media coverage..hard balancing and maintaining both.
 12:30 drflower-2749 : how do you gather addy's?
 12:30 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Key is testing, I find that for me, testing online is cheaper and more effective than testing with print — printing/mailing gets expensive!
 12:30 packagingdiva : Do you follow me on Twitter? I give lots of packaging tips.
 12:31 earthmuffin-394 : what is your twitter account?
 12:31 packagingdiva : You can met some great media on Twitter.
 12:31 BackPorchSoap-7341 : drflower – several ways but I handpick.
 12:31 earthmuffin-394 : I agree twitter has been great for me
 12:31 EcommerceDiva-8953 : So true! I got some great media hits by being on Twitter
 12:31 packagingdiva : packagingdiva
 12:31 EcommerceDiva-8953 : It allows you to create relationships with folks you may not have otherwise had access to
 12:31 mineralsilk : Good to know about print ads I have been talking to someone about an ad in Ladies Home Journal – I think I will save my cash!
 12:32 soapylove : Not me!
 12:32 Ginger-7360 :
 12:32 BackPorchSoap-7341 : hey soapy!
 12:33 EcommerceDiva-8953 : dM & I co-author a blgo called Bootstrap babes. I wrote article about my $4,000 direct mail marketing mistake! lol
 12:33 BackPorchSoap-7341 : I get hits from Priia's site.
 12:33 soapylove : Yes, BackPorch!
 12:33 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Hey, Kelley from Priia was one of my blog bootcamp students. GO KELLEY!
 12:33 drflower-2749 : awesome thanks jamila!
 12:34 packagingdiva : Great tip. I have extensive list of other packaging blogs on my blogroll too
 12:35 LaDolceDiva : EcommerceDiva-have you scheduled the blogging make-up class form last fall?
12:35 EcommerceDiva-8953 : QUES: have any of you been getting biz from social networks besides Twitter? Not just having an account, but getting new customers/subscribers?
 12:35 EcommerceDiva-8953 : LaDolce – it's coming in April – details to come
 12:35 soapylove : Oh, yes – ecommerceDiva.
 12:36 drflower-2749 : facebook ones here
 12:36 BackPorchSoap-7341 : yes, I am a Facebook junkie. LinkedIn too.
12:36 LaDolceDiva : great! I will look forward to hearing from you.
 12:36 soapylove : The Switch Boards Forum has been an amazing source of biz.
 12:36 drflower-2749 : no orders from linked in folk
 12:36 soapylove : tsy was also instrumental for me.
 12:36 soapylove : Oops – "Etsy"
 12:36 Luci-819 : I have gotten subscribers for Here We Are…with Luci from Twitter.
 12:36 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Interesting – what's Switch Boards Forum?
 12:36 earthmuffin-394 : some from facebook
 12:36 packagingdiva : I have great luck on LinkedIn but takes a lot of work. More than Twitter.
 12:37 BackPorchSoap-7341 : I agree pkgdiva
 12:37 EcommerceDiva-8953 : More work or more luck?
 12:37 soapylove : Switch Boards is an online forum for women owned biz's.  Let me get you the link.
 12:37 drflower-2749 : how so packagingdiva? why more work with linked in?

Same for me. I get more bang for buck on Twitter because it's so easy and fun. Getting lots of biz from there.
 12:37 soapylove :
 12:37 EcommerceDiva-8953 : THANKS SoapyLove!
 12:38 earthmuffin-394 : Thanks soapylove
 12:38 soapylove : I feel like my results from Twitter are diminishing.  I must be doing something wrong.
 12:38 EcommerceDiva-8953 : What makes you feel they are diminishing?
 12:38 Ginger-7360 :
 12:38 packagingdiva : LI works best when you answer questions. That takes time and more thought to provide good answers.
 12:38 soapylove : Fewer and fewer replies and site hits. 
 12:39 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @P'Diva, I see.
 12:39 earthmuffin-394 : I find that the more people I follow the harder it is to interact
 12:39 soapylove : I need to remember dM's tip "help people." Maybe I'm selling too much.
 12:39 bathdesserts-4147 : Does anyone here pay for search engine optimization?
 12:39 drflower-2749 : tweetdeck helps with filters earthmuffin
 12:39 soapylove : That's interesting, earthmuffin.
 12:39 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @SoapyLove – hmm. Change your convo. Start RTing valuable info from others, its gets u more subscribers and create bond w/the person you RT'ed.
 12:39 BackPorchSoap-7341 : You can do SEO yourself.
 12:40 Luci-819 : @soapylove – the more I talk about other people or plug their stuff, the more followers and hits I get
 12:40 soapylove : Thank you Jamilla!  I will work on that.
 12:40 Ginger-7360 :
 12:40 drflower-2749 : started with SEO help from network solutions…was a great foundation…but got too pricey to continue
 12:40 earthmuffin-394 : even with tweetdeck I seem to get overwhelemed with the stream
 12:40 EcommerceDiva-8953 : ..and start providing short tips. It helps your readers, and it makes you more RT'able, which brings your followrs and traffic.
 12:40 Ginger-7360 :
 12:40 packagingdiva : I have good RT on Twitter. Try being a little controversial or discuss a hot topic.
 12:40 Ginger-7360 :
 12:40 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Luci, me too. It's about sharing, connecting.
 12:40 Ginger-7360 :
 12:40 bathdesserts-4147 : I have been, but the results haven't been there
 12:41 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @EarthMuffin, I agree, there needs to be better Twitter mgmt tools.
 12:41 drflower-2749 : winks at packingdiva
 12:41 packagingdiva : Plus provide good relevant info.
 12:41 earthmuffin-394 : definitly
 12:41 BackPorchSoap-7341 : drflower I'll dm you afterward with some tips
 12:41 soapylove : Thank you Luci!  Yes, I need to do that.
 12:41 EcommerceDiva-8953 : I like TweetDeck, sorta, but it's still kinda clunky. It's helpful if you arrange the ppl you follow into groups
12:41 LaDolceDiva : i paid for SEO- i would rather put that money into getting help. it is expensive
 12:41 drflower-2749 : great backporchsoap
 12:42 drflower-2749 : yeah video! soapylove videos abound!
 12:42 Luci-819 : Totally. I always use "good intentions" so it isn't just promoting for personal gain, but the payoff is there is you start out with positive intent
 12:42 EcommerceDiva-8953 : LOL @ dM "take your camera everywhere you go" So true – she lives by that!
 12:42 drflower-2749 : cute lil flip you have!
 12:42 soapylove : Aw, thanks Dr Flower!!
 12:42 bathdesserts-4147 : I have been approached by a lot of people and it was very expensive, I just don't seem to get good results.
 12:42 EcommerceDiva-8953 : ..and you shoudl know if you ever meet dM in person, you had better look CUTE cuz your photo WILL end up on her blog! lol
 12:42 BackPorchSoap-7341 : Got camera? Got lipstick? 🙂
 12:42 soapylove : That's a great tip, Luci!!  "Good intentions."  Thank you!
 12:42 soapylove : LOVE my flip!!
 12:43 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @Luci, true! Ppl who go to Twitter to "promote" are missing the point.
 12:43 Luci-819 : you are very welcome!
 12:43 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Go with intention of connecting and sharing, and the promotion takes care of itself.
 12:43 packagingdiva : Twitter motto give before you get.
 12:43 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @P'Diva: I like that!
 12:43 drflower-2749 : I'm starting to get requests for guest blog posts from twitter connections
 12:43 soapylove : Yes, excellent reminders! 
 12:43 EcommerceDiva-8953 : @DrF That's awesome!!
12:44 BackPorchSoap-7341 : drflower – that is great! You can link to and from. That helps build SEO too.
 12:44 Luci-819 : The Doctor gives good advice!
 12:44 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Twitter is also *great* for helping SEO!
12:44 earthmuffin-394 : emommerceDiva: How is that
 12:44 bathdesserts-4147 : True!
 12:44 drflower-2749 : blogcatalog has been a good tool too
 12:44 EcommerceDiva-8953 : b/c Twitter is highly "Google-able"
posts, it counts as inbound links to your web site, which helps boost your search engine rankings
 12:45 EcommerceDiva-8953 : Same for blogging, Facebook
 12:45 Ginger-7360 : Once dM closes, we

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