May 2019 Master Class: Let’s Tackle the Wholesale Business Model

One of the benefits of IBN membership is a live monthly Master Class with someone who has mastered a topic that will help you be successful in your Maker business. Our Master Classes are great opportunities to learn and grow in our supportive community, and to meet some of the people who can help you make your business more profitable and fun.

Let's Tackle the Wholesale Business Model!

Join me for a look at how to push your business forward using a wholesale business model. We'll cover what retailers are looking for today, pitching ideas and strategies, how to utilize social media to increase wholesale accounts, pricing, and more! 

About the Master Class Instructor: Emily Kerr-Finell

Through Wholesale in a Box, Emily develops training materials and software, and offers one-on-one coaching services for Makers seeking to grow the wholesale side of their business.

Her previous experiences includes founder and CEO of Liga Masiva, a “global farmers' market” in Latin America, work at FMCG, a boutique management consulting firm, and a business advisor at SBA’s Small Business Development Center and at Greenmarket, NYC’s network of farmers’ markets. Emily's work has been featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and she is a popular speaker. 

Emily has also been knitting the same shawl for three years. (Sound familiar?)

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See you on today's Master Class!


Do you  want to push your business forward using a wholesale business model? Join us to learn how to pitching ideas and strategies, and grow the wholesale side of your business! 

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