Introducing Member Makeovers!

Member Makeovers are here! Based on conversations with you, our members, I saw the need for a service offering live, tactical, hands on training to help you attract more people to your website to discover and buy your products. Member Makeovers is that service, and it starts right now!

Member Makeovers take place via live webinar, so you can participate from wherever you are in your busy life: desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone. As with all of our events, Member Makeovers are recorded so you can give yourself a “selfie makeover” anytime you'd like.

Here is what one of our members had to say immediately following her Member Makeover:

Donna Maria: thank you so much for the ‘Member Makeover' yesterday. I thought it was very helpful when the makeover was over, but it wasn't until I watched the video over again that I realized exactly how incredibly helpful it was. You are amazingly insightful.

In my Member Makeover application, I explained my vision for my company. I'm not really sure that I even knew I understood my vision completely. You got it! You got it right away and you totally ran with it! You created ‪#‎SansGirl‬ and I LOVE it! … I feel I have a really good direction.

… So, I just have to say…anyone who hasn't yet had the Member Makeover, you should. It was a really great “ahha” moment for me. I know it will be for you as well!

Introducing Padriac Ryan of Ryan Design Studio

I invited Padriac Ryan of Ryan Design Studio to assist with our Member Makeovers because he is a genius. Ryan was a guest on one of our most popular Success Calls of 2014, and the information he shared was priceless. (Members, you need to log in and get it now.)

Padraic is one of the best in the business at analyzing and deconstructing your online presence, and critiquing it in a way that you can immediately understand. He also offers quick tips and strategies you can apply immediately to improve your business. The combination of Padraic's web and e-commerce expertise and my marketing and branding expertise will deliver an unparalleled one-two punch for your brand!


(Interesting fact: Padriac brews his own beer with his wife, Joni. He “gets” Makers, and this is just one of the many reasons why I am so thrilled to work with him.)

Through Ryan Design Studio, Padriac and his team offer website design and development services, as well as e-commerce and search engine optimization consulting services. (Who doesn't need that?) He's also a seriously all-around nice guy, and you will enjoy getting to know him.

As you participate as one of your fellow members get a Member Makeover, you'll learn things you can do immediately to improve your brand presence too. It's an excellent opportunity for you to grow as you get specific feedback you can put to work in your business right away.

How to Get Your Member Makeover

Of course Member Makeovers are available only to members of the Indie Business Network. If you are not a member, you can join here.

If you are a member, then click here to apply to be our next Member Makeover guest. Padriac and I will choose the first guest shortly, and we will host the first live Member Makeover session later this month.

Don't miss this chance to have me and Padraic personally analyze your brand presence and share tips and strategies you can use right away to uplevel your business.


I am so excited about our Member Makeovers! I know they will help so many Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs up-level their brand presence so more people can discover and buy your products. The fun starts in a few weeks, so get ready! Are you going to apply to be our Member Makeover this month? I'd love to have you, but if not, tell a friend or share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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