• Owner: Tamy Cozier-Charles
  • Member Since: January 2016
T-Roots is a handcrafted line of cosmetics derived from the very best nature has to offer. Developed for a range of hair and skin textures, our products are filled with soothing butters, rich oils and nourishing botanicals. Our mission is to create affordable, gentle products that are free of unnecessary fillers that allow your inner beauty to shine through.

Tahitian Pearl Skincare

  • Owner: Ambre Mauro
  • Member Since: June 2018
At Tahitian Pearl we offer nourishing, effective, WHOLESOME products that are concentrated much like professional quality so they last much longer than over-the-counter products available at big-box stores. Best yet, when you consider how many uses come in each bottle, the monthly cost is low enough to fit most any budget. So why continue wasting your money on over-the-counter products that are often harsh and damaging to your skin, when for a similar cost you could be FEEDING YOUR SKIN WITH A WHOLESOME NOURISHING FEAST.

Taking Ah Stand, Inc.

  • Owner: Felicia Williams
  • Member Since: August 2020
Taking Ah Stand, Inc. Is Ah Non Profit Organization. Some Of Our Concentrations Are: Holistic Healing, Nutrition, Education, Food...Through Our Artisan Products We Can Assist In The Overall Well-Being Of Our Communities We Serve. The Ancients Used Artisan Products To Assist Their Communities.

Talbott & Co Heritage Goods

  • Owner: Eileen Hook
  • Member Since: January 2012
Reproduction historic style toiletries

Tallow LLC

  • Owner: Meredith Sharp
  • Member Since: June 2020
Tallow LLC is devoted to bringing high quality products from well sourced farms and our organic homestead. Tallow balm is a unique skin care product made from Simpson Family Farm's 100% percent grass-fed cows. Used for centuries to nourish and soothe a variety of skin conditions, tallow balm works well on dry, chapped skin, rashes, tattoos, burns, itching, wrinkles, acne, eczema, psoriasis, razor burn, and more. We also have a Homestead Lifestyle Product Line that includes our Elderberry Syrup. Developed over several years to create the best tasting syrup, our recipe stands out as a delicious and immune boosting daily tonic. T

Tameran Baxter Inc

  • Owner: Tameran Davenport
  • Member Since: July 2017
We supply all natural grooming products for all men, ladies edgeline growth, and crystal healing jewelry.


  • Owner: Russell Datts
  • Member Since: September 2019
Natural Deodorant

TandJ Soap

  • Owner: Theresa Van Duyne
  • Member Since: June 2013

Taos Bee Flower Company LLC

  • Owner: Moira O'Hanlon
  • Member Since: August 2019
It's me and a million bees! My bees make the products, and I package them! Simple, good products from the hive!

Tato & Hux

  • Owner: Jamie Sullivan
  • Member Since: May 2019
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