The Conspiracy Candle Company

  • Owner: Todd Spring
  • Member Since: November 2020
100% soy wax candles themed after your favorite conspiracy theories. All candles are made with phthalate-free fragrance oil and 100% cotton wicks. Every candle is hand-wicked and hand-poured in very small batches in Westchester County, NY.

The Cottage with Lois Anne

  • Owner: Lois Smith
  • Member Since: January 2022
handmade candles in small batches for friends and clients.

The Cow’s Coop

  • Owner: Ashley Deming
  • Member Since: March 2019
Here at The Cow's Coop, we make homemade artisan cows' milk soaps and candles. These beauty bars are each one of a kind! No two the same! They would make amazing gifts for teachers, family, or friends- or even for yourself! Each comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag and tied with a bow- already wrapped and ready to go!

The Creative Wild

  • Owner: Ashtyn Ludwig (Kaban)
  • Member Since: August 2021
We natural products people can feel good about using. Our product line includes bath bombs, candles, bath salts, roller blends and crystal macrame keychains. We specialize in putting together gift boxes.

The Creeping Moon

  • Owner: Megan Wyreweden
  • Member Since: May 2020
I'm an artist who creates prints, stationery, home goods, accessories, and candles!

The Daydreamers Shop

  • Owner: Lauren Crowhurst
  • Member Since: May 2023
I have a small business that explores the creation of everything from candles, reed diffusers, bath and body products and even photography.

The Divine Manifest

  • Owner: Brandi Cheeseborough
  • Member Since: January 2020
Handmade candles in small batches. Spiritual manifestation candles as well as scented candles.

The Earthly Alternative

  • Owner: Morgan Sherrod
  • Member Since: June 2023
The Earthly Alternative specializes in everything body. We create sustainable and natural alternatives to your everyday essentials. Products ranging from deodorants and toothpastes, to shampoo and facial care.

The Entrepreneur’s Garden

  • Owner: Mindy Iannelli
  • Member Since: June 2024
Courses, tools, and community to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses productively and sanely.

The Essencers

  • Owner: Brent Holiday
  • Member Since: May 2021
We distill wild trees into essential oils and grow vegetables on an organically certified farm.
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