Tatted Grace

  • Owner: Kimberly Vass
  • Member Since: December 2021
I sell coconut soy wooden wick candles.

Tea-licious Skincare

  • Owner: Lorraine Cook
  • Member Since: February 2023
Natural skincare products

Teas and Steams

  • Owner: Dominique Etienne
  • Member Since: September 2021
Holistic wellness company providing herbal self-care products and savory teas.

TEE Lights

  • Owner: Tiffany Kotopka
  • Member Since: August 2018
I sell homemade candles, wax melts and clamshells

Telea Vineyards LLC

  • Owner: Theodore Scribner
  • Member Since: October 2020
All things wine, that is what we produce here at Telea Vineyards. We make various wine related products to include growing grapes, natural soy candles from wine bottles, wine signs, decorative wine glasses and many other items.

Tender Flower

  • Owner: Donna La Pré
  • Member Since: October 2022
Botanical skin care & perfume; farm to skin

Tender Loving Care of Yah, Inc.

  • Owner: Marquetta Johnson
  • Member Since: July 2021
Tender Loving Care of Yah Inc is a company that teaches how to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, and mood swings in an efficient and more elegant way that involves the assistance of essential oil candles. Owned by A Licensed Certified Mental Health Counselor.

Terminal B

  • Owner: Christopher Breedlove
  • Member Since: July 2021
Terminal B is a fragrance company specializing in scents curated to inspire worldwide wonderlust. We sell candles, room sprays, fragrances, and more.

Terra and Self

  • Owner: Kenne Johnson
  • Member Since: February 2022
Terra and Self is a self-care company committed to sustainability, natural beauty ingredients and promoting self-love.

Terra Beauty Products dba Terra Beauty Bars

  • Owner: Fernanda Gomes
  • Member Since: May 2017
natural, clean beauty nail and skincare products.
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