The Columbia Fragrance Co.

  • Owner: Dorene Nowatzke
  • Member Since: July 2015
Candles and home fragrancees.

The Cow’s Coop

  • Owner: Ashley Deming
  • Member Since: March 2019
Here at The Cow's Coop, we make homemade artisan cows' milk soaps and candles. These beauty bars are each one of a kind! No two the same! They would make amazing gifts for teachers, family, or friends- or even for yourself! Each comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag and tied with a bow- already wrapped and ready to go!

The Cowbell

  • Owner: Stephanie Vande Stouwe
  • Member Since: September 2019
I create hand poured pillar and container candles. I purchase the wax, scents and misc items to make candles from a well known candle supply company. In my kitchen, I made the candles by melting and pouring the wax into pillar molds and containers.

The Crazy Shop

  • Owner: Carolina Bindenagel
  • Member Since: February 2020
We make and sell candles, tarts and bath products

The Creeping Moon

  • Owner: Megan Wyreweden
  • Member Since: May 2020
I'm an artist who creates prints, stationery, home goods, accessories, and candles!

The Divine Manifest

  • Owner: Brandi Cheeseborough
  • Member Since: January 2020
Handmade candles in small batches. Spiritual manifestation candles as well as scented candles.


  • Owner: Cindy Lantier
  • Member Since: November 2016
We are a VERY small-batch producer of handmade, artisanal soap. We also make other self-care products (lotion, cream, lip balm, eye pillows, hand-bound journals, etc.). We sell primarily at in-person events, although we're putting our products online. We are also working on taking our teaching efforts online.

The Favor Stylist

  • Owner: Emily Caswell
  • Member Since: May 2011

The Golden Secrets

  • Owner: Jessica Golden
  • Member Since: February 2019
High vibrational, Holistic Skincare + Wellness for positive daily rituals of self love.

The Good Hair Shop

  • Owner: Kiyomi Rollins
  • Member Since: May 2017
An apothecary with soul with an emphasis on plant based solutions for natural hair. We offer a collection of plant based products for hair & body, as well as, offer custom blended goodness.
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