Video: How to Search for People and Information in a Facebook Group

As you know, we maintain a private Facebook group for our Indie Business Network members. As the group grows and time passes, people may want to find out if specific topics have been discussed previously in the group. Members also want to find out if any of their friends or colleagues are a part of the group. I created this video to show our members how to search Facebook groups for information and people, and since many of you who are not members are probably part of other Facebook groups, I thought I'd share it with you too.

As you can see, it's super easy, and what a time saver to discover that your question may have already been answered, or that you can raise the issue afresh in an existing thread, thereby sharing even more information with everyone as you find the answer to your own question.


1. Do you like participating in Facebook groups?

2. Have you used the search tools to find people or information, or are these features new to you?

Please leave your answers, tips, comments and questions below. I love hearing form you, and appreciate you swinging by here today.

Oh! And if you like things like encouragement and uplift in your life, you can be a part of our growing Facebook group by joining Indie Business Network today at this link. There's more to come!

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