Artisan Product of the Year 2017: Winners

I am pleased to announce the 2017 Artisan Products of the Year! Our winners were selected by our six amazing Influencer Judges: Patrice Grell Yursik, Lisa Douglas, Jade Huang, Jennifer Moreau, Melinda Emerson, and Ally Loprete. If you missed the overview of the Artisan Product of the Year Awards, what they stand for, and why they are so important in the Artisan and Maker communities, you can read it here.

Skin CareBath & BodyLifestyle & HomeColor Cosmetics

The winners were selected to represent four categories that uniquely reflect the creativity and innovative spirit of the Artisan Entrepreneur:

Skin Care
Bath + Body
Lifestyle + Home
Color Cosmetics

Let's Meet The Winners!

Skin Care

Winner: Celtic Jewel by Celtic Complexion Luxury Artisan Skincare, crafted in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Celtic Complexion's Celtic Jewel is our winner in the Skin Care category. The Celtic Jewel is a delicious crème formulated with vitamins, essential fatty acids, bio fermented sea kelp and CoEnzyme Q10. You can purchase this products at the Celtic Complexion website at this link. And take note …. this product is so popular that you can put it on auto-ship!

I loved everything about this product from the way it was packaged to the actual effects of it. Rarely do you find a face cream that you can feel working the moment it touches your skin. This was calming, soothing and by the next day is had made a visible difference. It works great on my neck! – Ally Loprete

Runner Up: Replenish Face Oil by Jade Lilly, in Bolingbrook, Illinois. This product is a blend of deeply hydrating and healing organic oils, each selected for the high levels of nutrients. Select ingredients include argan oil, rosehip seed oil, carrot root, and essential oils of neroli, frankincense, ylang ylang and chamomile. Get yours here.

Honorable Mention: Papaya Pineapple Exfoliating Mask by Jade Lilly. This product combines the power of papaya with the properties of pineapple to exfoliate and gently reveal fresh, glowing skin. Get yours here.

I was blown away by this mask, a clay-based exfoliating mask that left my skin so soft and smooth. Will use this again and again. – Patrice Grell Yursik

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Bath & Body

Winner: Chai Tea Soap by etta+billie in San Francisco, California.

This amazingly dense bar of soap does so much more than clean. It puts you in touch with your inner winter foodie, and acts as a kind of comfort soap for your body and soul. Chai Tea Soap is a seasonal product, combining organic whole organic milk with the warming spicy aroma of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Get some now, before the season ends!

Really really enjoyed this soap. Smelled so good in the shower, and …, doesn't leave my body feeling stripped. – Jade Huang

Learn more about etta+billie and its founder, Alana Rivera, in this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.

Runner Up: Happy Hands and Feet Balm by Shea Bodyworks in Springfield, Massachusetts. This is a body balm for dry to extremely dry skin. It contains unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil and the relaxing scent offered by pure lavender essential oil. Buy some today and say “bye bye” to dry skin.

This feet balm is the bomb! I have really dry feet and this balm really helped. – Melinda Emerson

Honorable Mention: Eucalyptus and Mint Body Scrub by Wild Air Skincare in Madison, Connecticut. Invigorating and awakening, this product is a refreshing treat for your senses that features fine cane sugar to slough away dry skin and leave your skin delightfully soft and silky smooth.

Wow wow wow, this exfoliated SO beautifully, smelled INCREDIBLE without being too overpowering, my skin feels great! – Lisa Douglas

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Lifestyle & Home

Winner: All Purpose Cleaner Spray by MamaSuds in Goodrich, Michigan. This products cleans everything: sinks, counters, doorknobs, stove-tops, garbage lids, and even couches and pretty much any water-safe surface. Get yours now, just in time for all of the holiday messes!

This is the product I didn't know that I needed! It cleans my countertops and kitchen surfaces with ease, smells delightful and is safe enough to use around my pets. Big fan of MamaSuds! – Patrice Grell Yursik

Runner Up: Lavender + Cedar Candle by Slow North in Austin, Texas. This candle custom blends lavender and cedarwood essential oils to form the household version of simple beauty from nature. it is both soothing and grounding, with a sweet undertone. Get some now to warm your holidays.

Great brand experience from the website to the packaging to the candle materials to the scent. Big fan of this product. – Jennifer Moreau

Honorable Mention: Citrus + Black Currant Reed Diffuser Set from Standard Wax in Tempe, Arizona. The Standard Wax reed diffuser is elegant but cool (just like Standard Wax itself). They are classic with a modern aesthetic, and fill a room with your favorite Standard Wax scent, too. A few innovative options to choose from: Black Iris, Bergamot + Basil, Brandied Plum and Whiskey + Fig. And, like everything else Standard Wax creates, these ceramic vessels can be refilled with your favorite scent, or used as a unique vase for years to come. Buy yours right here, right now!

This is a beautiful piece and the aroma is none like I've ever experienced before. It was so lovely in my guest bathroom it inspired me to redecorate the entire bathroom to match the environment that it had created. – Ally Loprete

Learn more about Standard Wax and its founder, Samantha Irwin, in this episode of the Indie Business Podcast.
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Color Cosmetics

Winner: The Impossible Girl Nail Polish by Stella Chroma in Richmond, Indiana. If you are a nail polish and/or color lover, you will really love this product. It's a glittery, multi-chrome polish that combines unique tones of red, gold, and green with a few holographic particles added for extra flash. Snap some up now at this link!

I'm used to buying high-quality and high-end polishes, and this nail polish feels just as luxe as any of them! It applied so smoothly, covered beautifully in 2 coats, and has worn for several days without chipping. The branding and packaging are absolutely perfect. The watercolor background is unique and beautiful, the clean type and logo feel very modern and high-end, and the gold foil accents are eye-catching and luxurious. Great job! – Jennifer Moreau

Runner Up: MyMix Eye Color from Mix Cosmetiques in Superior, Wisconsin. Enjoy choosing your own colors and creating the perfect color for the season and your skin tone. My Mix Eye Color is a simple, natural mineral formula that is blendable and resists creasing for all-day impact. Get yours here.

I liked this product. The colors were nice and it stayed on throughout the day. – Melinda Emerson

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Congratulations Winners!

Please join me in congratulating all the Indie Business Network 2017 Artisan Products of the Year and the amazing Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs that bring these wonderful products to you!

A Special Thank You To Our Influencer Judges!

Winners were selected by a carefully curated panel of Influencer Judges who took special care to give each of the dozens of products submitted individualized focus and attention. We are so grateful to them: Patrice Grell Yursik, Lisa Douglas, Jade Huang, Jennifer Moreau, Melinda Emerson, and Ally Loprete.


Have you tried any of these amazing products? What are your experiences with these fabulous brands? And if you like spreading good news, please share this post with your friends so they can be inspired by these great American made products too! Share easily on on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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