In Honor of a King

Donna Maria shares a personal perspective on the 40th anniversary of the assissination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the riots that followed in her hometown of Washington, DC.


How to sell yourself

– Title: The Art of Blowing Your Horn– Description: Susan Harrow, author of "Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul" joins dM to talk about how to sell yourself without selling your soul.

Small Business, Global Mission

Donna Maria interviews Adam Chapman, owner of Savannah Black, about how he helps the African women from whom he purchased the shea butter he sells stateside.


Vault Episode #103: Susan Harrow [Podcast]

The Vault is an archive of my first podcasts so there is a record for you to enjoy. Welcome to the Vault Episode 103 featuring my interview with Susan Harrow, an accomplished author and PR expert, sharing her insights on how Indie Business owners can cultivate media relationships that cast our businesses in the most favorable…