Does Your Small Business Need Insurance?

A Survey Designed to Help Me Serve You Better As you know, one of the things IBN offers to its members through a highly rated insurance broker is products liability insurance. I am currently working with the company to expand the types of coverage offered to include professional beauty service providers such as estheticians, nail…


Radio Show from May 5, 2008

– Title: Public Relations Tips for the Indie Business Owner– Description: Public relations expert Margie Zable Fisher joins dM to talk about the importance of developing media contacts and how to use them to put your business in a favorable light.

The Focus Factor

Donna Maria encourages readers to focus their marketing efforts on a smaller number of products in order to maximize impact and profits.


Radio Show from April 21, 2008

– Title: Podcasting For Profit– Description:  Leesa Barnes, author "Podcasting For Profit," will join E-Commerce DivaJamila White (sitting in for dM) to share how a podcast can help your business grow.

In Honor of a King

Donna Maria shares a personal perspective on the 40th anniversary of the assissination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the riots that followed in her hometown of Washington, DC.


How to sell yourself

– Title: The Art of Blowing Your Horn– Description: Susan Harrow, author of "Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul" joins dM to talk about how to sell yourself without selling your soul.

Small Business, Global Mission

Donna Maria interviews Adam Chapman, owner of Savannah Black, about how he helps the African women from whom he purchased the shea butter he sells stateside.