A Beginner Blogger Speaks

Donna Maria interviews Indie Beauty Network member Joanne Tartaglino of Celtic Chairde Creations about her foray into the world of blogging.


Radio show from March 10, 2008

– Title: Parenting Your Child To Success– Description: Many entrepreneurs attribute their success to the encouragement of their parents. Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter, author of "Children Are People Too" guides us on how to be excellent cheerleaders for our kids.

Small Business Smackdown

Donna Maria shows you how to apply the successful business strategy of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to your small business.


How to be a "niche-preneur"

– Title: Be A Nichepreneur!– Description: According to today’s guest, Susan Friedmann, author of "Niches To Riches: How to Make It BIG in a Small Market," there are 7 strategies for using a very small niche to make a very big splash.

Me? A"Consumer Expert?!!"

It seems that, since I’ve been posting so much about keeping more of the money you make, clipping coupons and destroying credit cards, at least one journalist has officially labeled me a "consumer expert."            Well, I am definitely a consumer. And I suppose I’m an expert at being a consumer since…


How To Pursue Profit

To be truly successful in business means not being out solely for yourself, but helping others to be successful.


"I Won Best In Show!"

Danielle Flemming of Danielle and Company, winner of “Best In Show” at Extracts, talks about her winning product and how she enjoys being a small business owner.


Top 10 Reasons To Buy Indie

[Note: this post was slightly updated on February 22, 2010.] I am the founder and president of the Indie Beauty Network (IBN) so it will come as no surprise that I think my members make the best products in the world. Whether you want candles, sugar scrubs, perfumes, essential oils, lotions, jewelry, body oils, hair…


8 Ways To Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Connecting With More People Increases Your Bottom Line One question I get over and over again is how I got thousands of subscribers to my email newsletter. The answer is: I got to know my customers and consistently filled my newsletter with information they enjoy reading.            Lots of people ask me…