Does Your Small Business Need Insurance?

A Survey Designed to Help Me Serve You Better As you know, one of the things IBN offers to its members through a highly rated insurance broker is products liability insurance. I am currently working with the company to expand the types of coverage offered to include professional beauty service providers such as estheticians, nail…


Radio Show from May 5, 2008

– Title: Public Relations Tips for the Indie Business Owner– Description: Public relations expert Margie Zable Fisher joins dM to talk about the importance of developing media contacts and how to use them to put your business in a favorable light.

The Focus Factor

Donna Maria encourages readers to focus their marketing efforts on a smaller number of products in order to maximize impact and profits.


Radio Show from April 21, 2008

– Title: Podcasting For Profit– Description:  Leesa Barnes, author "Podcasting For Profit," will join E-Commerce DivaJamila White (sitting in for dM) to share how a podcast can help your business grow.

In Honor of a King

Donna Maria shares a personal perspective on the 40th anniversary of the assissination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the riots that followed in her hometown of Washington, DC.